Major News! 3 New Comics Available!

They're here!
Strange Comics for Strange People #5!
Freakshow Squadron Comics #7! 
And now... we unveil for the first time the identity of the mystery project! Behold!
Pleased to Meet Eliot!

It's a truly unique comic experience; you've gotta read it for yourself to know what I mean! The story follows Eliot as he makes new friends, overcomes challenges, and has lots of fun! This will not be a continuing series, so you get the whole story here, and it's appropriate for all ages (it's not a "kid's comic", it's an "everyone's comic")! Additionally, it's the first time we've done a full greyscale interior.

Within the pages of Strange Comics for Strange People #5, it's Valerie's birthday... and is it about to become her death-day, too? Follow her and the other boarders for an issue of surprises! For the first time, a two-page poem is featured as Valerie attempts to get her work published in the next volume of Necroetry. All this is rounded-out with the next installment of Howard's Jots of the Weird.

In Freakshow Squadron Comics #7, the Freakshow Squadron must stop the evil alien Ultraumatons! But things only get worse when the team's archenemy, the infamous Vileklaw, unexpectedly interferes!  Don't miss Frog-Face buy a donut at the convenience store, either! Yes, it all happens in this conclusion of the two part “Conquer All Planets!” story! Plus, bonus comic “Cinder Casket! Tale Three!”!

Grab these new issues at our Buy Comics page and have a blast reading! These stories are sure to make you go, "wow, that was pretty neat".

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