What is Hypno Brain Comics?

A few questions you might have...

Q: Where am I? What is this place?
A: You're at the Hypno Brain Comics blog, the best place anywhere to learn about what's up with Hypno Brain Comics.

Q: What is "Hypno Brain Comics"?
A: Hypno Brain Comics is a comic label owned by its two writer/artists Tom and Kevin Martin. The comics they make are available in a physical format (as opposed to the digital format) through this blog and comic conventions. The comics promise no bad language, no adult situations, and no crude humor. There is some violent and potentially unsettling concepts throughout, though, such as suicide references and blood. The comics have color covers with good ol' black-and-white interiors.

Q: What series are available and what are they about?
A: Go to our Series page to find out.

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