YAAA-HOO! Freakshow Squadron Comics #8 is HERE!

BOOM! Freakshow Squadron Comics #8 is here at last! Ohhh man, did we wait a long time for this one. Yeah, but, the wait? Worth it. Freakshow Squadron Comics #8 is an intriguing, exciting read; just check out the first page!

Necro Vendor: Character Bio

Necro Vendor is an assassin that has murdered before and intends to again.

Puppet Show-Off: Character Bio

Puppet Show-Off is driven by vengeance. He has two companions: Bunny-Right-Hand (the reasonable one) and Dinosaur-Left-Hand (the mean one).

Beith: Character Bio

Beith is an employee at the local Chinese restaurant.

You Didn't Think I Made Money from Making Comics, Did You?

This is a funny one. The Goodwill employee newsletter mentioned me and my artsy endeavors (including Hypno Brain Comics, of course). What's odd is that they got the store location wrong! Off hand I don't even know where Lemont is. Another slight error is that my new band isn't waiting for me to write enough material; we all write stuff. This was cool, though!