Freakshow Squadron's Favorite Music Fun!

I took a break from erasing the pencils from Freakshow Squadron Comics #8 and jotted down a list of what I figure are the Squadron's favorite bands (real-world bands, not the ones I made up in the series' pages). I didn't put too much thought into this, it was just for fun. The bands are listed in no particular order, except their favorite bands will be underlined.

VERLOREN: Mors Syphilitica, Darkthrone, Cure, Burzum, Nuit Noire, She Past Away, Forlornist, Rammstein, Ramones

SUBMUTANT: Ramones, Minor Threat, Slayer, Municipal Waste, D.R.I., Nachthexen, Dr. Livingdead (first two demo EPs), Black Flag, S.O.D., Negative Approach, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Subhumans (UK), Teen Idles, (and although he doesn't brag about it, he likes Beatles and Metallica)

MONSTROSITIC: Shonen Knife, cub, Beat Happening, Puffy Ami-Yumi, Tiger Trap, Ramones, Beatles

RANDOM MAN: Buddy Holly, Del Shannon, Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Little Richard, Ramones, Franky Valli and the Four Seasons

THE GLOBSTER: Movie and video game soundtracks, among them are Star Wars: A New Hope, Super Mario Bros (NES), Diddy Kong Racing (N64), Super Mario 64 (N64)

APPARITIONGEIST: I don't know, really... classical music maybe? Hmm...

RADIOACTIVE CHIMP: I guess I don't imagine RC listening to music. He's too busy eating and sleeping.

Ha ha, wasn't that fun? See any of your favorite bands on the list?

Freakshow Squadron Comics #6 Three Page Sampler

Here's three pages of the story "Conquer All Planets! (part 1 of 2)" from Freakshow Squadron Comics #6 by Tom Martin.

Copyright © Thomas R. Martin

Check It Out!

Here's some pictures Tom snapped at Graham Crackers Comics in Naperville, Illinois! There they are, Freakshow Squadron Comics #1 and Pleased to Meet Eliot in all their glory!

Also, Freakshow Squadron Comics issues 1 through 7 are now all available for sale here on the blog! It took a while to sort things out with the printer, but BOOM! They're all here now!

Now For Sale Online and at a Store!

Freakshow Squadron Comics #1 and the Pleased to Meet Eliot one-shot will be available at a for-realsies comic book store! That's right, you can walk into a comic store and buy a Hypno Brain Comic! How cool is that? It's a really, really good store, too, maybe the best one I've ever been to: Graham Crackers Comics in Naperville, Illinois (1271 Rickert Dr #135, Naperville, IL 60540). 

We've gotten some great stuff there, like, Tom was there just yesterday and completed his collection of Mike Allred's first Silver Surfer run. Kevin got some Quality Comics Plastic Man comics a while back, which was another memorable highlight.

Meanwhile, here on the blog, Freakshow Squadron Comics issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 are up for sale again (issue 6 will be up soon, hopefully)! Hooray!

Freakshow Squadron Comics Strikes Back Revenge!

Freakshow Squadron Comics #1 is revised and up for sale now! The Freakshow Squadron go for a walk, climb a tree, find a dead bird… then trouble erupts when the menacing Creaturewell interferes! Lots of weirdo fun for all! Plus, bonus comic “Garbage Bomb”! It's 24 pages of the goodness that you need!

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