Mighty Con 2-28-15 and update!

We have a small sneak-peek of comics to come, but first we'd like to make an announcement: on February 28, 2015 we'll be at Mighty Con again at the DuPage County Fair Grounds in Wheaton, IL! Gasp! No way, that's awesome!

Okay, sneak-peek time. Here's some pencils from both Freakshow Squadron Comics #7 and Strange Comics for Strange People #5 for you to obsess over until the convention.

Below: Who could be vile enough to force Random Man to punch himself?! Tom's nearly done with the penciling for #7, which will allow him to commence spellchecking. Horrible, horrible spellchecking.

Below, again: Howard's dressed all funny! Don't worry, that's not Howard's permanent new look, he's just being all weird. Kevin is in the middle of penciling his issue. It'll be awhile before he's ready to start spellchecking.

And that is my report from the scene. Back to you, Bob.

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