Hypno Brain Comics: Front Page News!

Hypno Brain Comics was the cover feature of the Kane County Chronicle newspaper today, June 5, 2014! To get there, we completed a brief email interview and a phone interview, and even had a photographer make a rare visit to our freakish dwellings.

You can read the article at the Kane County Chronicle website here.

The article came out swell overall, and we appreciate the interest the paper had in our endeavor. There were a few minor errors, which didn't surprise us as there always seems to be something incorrect with a piece of writing about you but not written by you. Hmm... Makes you question the rest of the paper, doesn't it?  So, through the magick that is the interwebs, we will now correct the mistake that irked us the most:
The article states that we set the rules of "no bad language, no adult situations and no crude humor" so we could "avoid any objections to their content". That's not fully true. Though we don't use bad language, adult situations, nor crude humor, the actual reason is because we personally don't support their usage. It had nothing to do with avoiding objection. The mistake, I presume, was the author merging two different (though admittedly similar) statements we made during the phone interview because he either assumed they did connect, or he simply did so for the sake of fluidity. I don't know which, but the result was unfortunately wrong.

But anyway, thanks for the article regardless, Mr. Reporter! Today the paper... tomorrow the world! Oh, wait, we gotta mow the lawn tomorrow. Okay, maybe the day after that.

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