Freakshow Squadron Comics Universe

Here's a sampling of what you may encounter on a trip to the Freakshow Squadron's residence!

- Brick's Hardware Store
- Dubouski Park (big grassy field, trees to climb, two playgrounds, and sledding in the winter)
- Hypno Church
- Hypno City (the Squadron's hometown)
- Hypno City Mall
- The Freakish Fortress (the Squadron's house)
- Ike New's Repair Shop
- Nocturnus Threads (clothes and accessories for punks, goths, metalheads, etc.)
- Nowadays Mini-Mart (convenience store)
- Really-Mmm-Taco
- Pizza Inhalers
- Slabby Burger (home of the Kiddie-Slabby-Meal!)

- Cheez Hoopz
- Cocoa Snappys Cereal
- Snacky 'Splosion
- Splashy Soda

- Atypical Threat (80's hardcore punk band)
- Betwixt Twin Rivers (a historical fiction film)
- Boss-Cart-Racers (racing video game)
- Brutal Shock Force (a comic series)
- Cinder Casket (a band that's like, "a combination of all the best music since the 1950s all wrapped up for social rejects")
- Fuzzy Wuvvykins (a young children's cartoon series and movie)
- The Night Terror Zone (a sci-fi TV series)
- Oubliette Ogre Monsters (an RPG board game)
- Sci-Fi Fan Freak Magazine
- so(cial)awsome (a social networking site)
- Spacethorius Wars (a space fantasy film series featuring The Father Starbase, the Galactic Refractory Alliance, and the Sentinel Dark Moon)
- The Weekly Ruse (a tabloid newspaper)

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