Mighty Con Feb 2014 was Awesomeness!

We (Tom and Kevin of Hypno Brain Comics) just completed our first comic convention appearance today, February 22nd, 2014! We sold some books, people took some of our business cards, and we bought a whole bunch of comics from other dealers. It was a blast! A college journalist interviewed us, and we blurted out some random but truthful answers. When asked what we thought about schools using comics in their curriculum, Tom replied saying school was pointless after elementary school, so they might as well try using comics to make things more fun. In retrospect, that probably wasn't the best answer for a college-based audience...

We packed up the car the morning of the show, making sure not to forget our demonic-skeleton-prop-thingy. It has nothing to do with our comics, but giant-purple-inflatable-gorillas have nothing to do with used cars either. "You forgot to strap me in!!!"

This is the sign telling us which table was ours. We used it as a banner-- good thing we brought tape!

Kevin (creator of Strange Comics for Strange People) at the fully set up Hypno Brain Comics table. That door in the right of the photo kept us nice and chilly whenever it was opened.

Tom (creator of Freakshow Squadron Comics) packing up the table after a great day at Mighty Con!

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