Update Nov. 12, 2013

Here's where we're at, Hypno Brain fans: Strange Comics for Strange People #2 is still in the works. Kevin's got all the penciling done, and is well into inking. It's looking like it might be a December release, but it's worth the wait, as it's looking pretty awesome-sauce and totally lives up to the glory of issue one!

Freakshow Squadron Comics #3 is in the early stages of penciling, but all is going smoothly. It's part two of two, so the "Mole Men Strike Back" story will be wrapped up in all its moleyness. And Random Man rides a cybornetic unicorn.

Also, we'd like to give a big thanks to Aaron Alexovich! He's the genius behind "Serenity Rose", a hugely influential comic series for Hypno Brain Comics. Aaron is doing a Kickstarter funding a Serenity Rose book, and in one of his updates he gave a shout-out to both Strange Comics for Strange People and Freakshow Squadron Comics! Aaron even bought copies for himself! AWW YEEAAAH! Check out Mr. Alexovich's update by clicking here.

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