Why are we posting this here? Who cares! We at Hypno Brain Comics just got back from seeing a live sumo demonstration (August 2, 2015) and we bring forth photos!

Here's Yama on the left and Byamba on the right. Yama is the heaviest Japanese-born sumo wrestler living, and Byamba's won the Sumo World Championship multiple times!

Tom with Yama:

Kevin with Byamba (and Yama in the background):

And to wrap-up, here's a photo of us wearing our sumo shirts and soon to receive our sumo autographs:

Anyways, three new Hypno Brain comics are on the horizon, too; we're pretty much waiting for some stuff to come in the mail. Expect some of these sumo photos to appear in a future issue of Freakshow Squadron Comics. Sumo!

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