Strange Comics for Strange People Gallery

Strange Comics for Strange People #1

Meet the four residents of an unusual boarding house and their landlord. Chock-full of the occult, poetry, abnormal dinner conversions, status-quo confusion, social dilemmas, and more!

25 pages

Strange Comics for Strange People #2

It's Halloween! Erika and Desmond go trick-or-treating, leaving Scythe and Howard at home to graciously pass candy out to the other trick-or-treaters… though Howard has other plans! Meanwhile, Valerie summons a ghost for a celebration of death! Lots of fun, follies, and more await in this spooktacular issue!

37 pages


Strange Comics for Strange People #3

Erika goes to the comic book store to buy the first issue of a series she's hyper excited for, and on the way there, she experiments with her magick powers in a whole new way! Plus the big shocker of this issue: Does Desmond reveal to Erika his feelings towards her? And don't forget: Antique guillotine! A poem! Stubby Cryptids! And more!

29 pages


Strange Comics for Strange People #4

In this 45 pager, you'll delve into the previously hinted past of Scythe, witness Erika getting her superhero duds, and experience Valerie's search for her lost book Necroetry Volume II. Introduced this issue is a new backup feature, “Howard's Jots of the Weird” — surveys into the occult, the supernatural, and other such neat stuff!

45 pages


Strange Comics for Strange People #5

It's Valerie's birthday... and is it about to become her death-day, too? Follow her and the other boarders for an issue of surprises! For the first time, a two-page poem is featured as Valerie attempts to get her work published in the next volume of Necroetry. All this is rounded-out with the next installment of Howard's Jots of the Weird.

33 pages

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