Strange Comics for Strange People Universe

Here's a sampling of what you may encounter in the world of Strange Comics for Strange People!

- The boarding house on 13th Ave (Home to Erika, Desmond, Howard, Scythe, and Valerie)
- Store of the Funny Books (the local comic shop)

- Macabre Avenger (a fictional supernatural crime fighter from the comic book of the same name. The comic is Desmond's favorite and also one of Erika's.)
- Enchantress Arcane (a fictional character from the comic book "Macabre Avenger". She is the supreme enemy of the Macabre Avenger, making her first appearance in an eleven issue story arc and continuing to appear afterwards. Erika dressed as her for Halloween.)
- Victor Von Dreadful (A
 ghoulish narrator who relates cleverly written stories in a fictional 1940s horror anthology comic book called "The Library of Victor Von Dreadful". Later on the series was adapted into a cult classic radio program that he also narrated.)
- Mega Kaiju Combatant (a fictional giant robot that fights equally giant monsters for the good of the planet.)

- Necroetry (A book series released in volumes that collects death-related poetry by a variety of poets.)
- Stubby Cryptids (fictional cryptids that appear in comics, coloring books, toys, and other licensed products. There's Unicorn, Kraken, Chupacabra, Yeti, and Jackalope.)

- Stubby Monsters (a spinoff of Stubby Cryptids which features fictional monsters that appear in Stubby Monsters Digital digital pets and other licensed products. There's Zombie among others.)

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