#2 Sneak Peek!

Hey, we've got some sneak peek photos of Freakshow Squadron Comics #2 and Strange Comics for Strange People #2! Check it!

Tom is done penciling the main story for FSC #2 and he's pretty proud of the plot, lots of great stuff was put in there. He still has to work out the details for the bonus comic that'll appear in the book, though.

Monstrositic... rockin' a new hairdo? Yep!

Globster dealing with his broken leg.

Random Man reveals a random fact!

Kevin is penciling SCSP #2, there's some amazing drawings and the story is awesome. He wants to get it out in time for Halloween, but it took longer than anticipated to wrap-up #1, so it might be Halloween in November this year... We'll keep you updated.

Holiday traditions are embraced by some.

Kevin shows-off his mad lightning-drawing-abilities!

Erika succumbing to an urge to do a happy-skip.

So, yep, that's what's up in the Hypno Brain world right now. Now that we're done with our sneak peek we'd like to thank everyone who bought copies of the debut issues of each series, you rock!

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